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January 2021

Riding with children

Riding on the farm/ horse stable Frohe Aussicht in Samstagern takes place every two weeks, on Thursdays and Fridays. The children have a lot of fun with it and there is a lot to discover, that’s why we decided to do it regularly, for KiTa and KiGa children.

* * *

In Winter

Christmas is around the corner
As every year, the pre-Christmas season naturally also included various Christmas rituals, making Christmas presents for parents and baking fine Christmas cookies.

* * *

In Autumn

Explore nature
Day trips into nature were also on the program in autumn. The beautiful long sunrays made it possible for us to often enjoy our afternoon snack in the forest or in our garden.

* * *

Woow! Giant pumpkins
Especially in autumn with the beautiful colored leaves, there are a lot of nice play experiences for the children outside in nature. The pumpkin exhibition at the Juckerfarm was also very fascinating this year!

* * *

Dress up, decorate and snack: Halloween
The children come to the KiTa and KiGa disguised. The Halloween festival was particularly fun because each child came up with their own fantasy name, which match their disguise: pumpkins, ghosts, witches, vampires and zombies.

* * *

In Summer

Forest & Farms  
We spent more time outside again. This included nice walks through the village, but also visits to the farms. Children and educators observed some animals grazing, which the children always find very exciting.

* * *

Indoor pool, lake & water games
As summer arrived in June, we were able to swim to our hearts’ content in the garden of the KiGa & KiTa or lake and play with water. We also visited the indoor pool, accompanied by the swimming instructor, amazing how quickly KiGa children have already learned to swim.

* * *

Back to school

Transition to kindergarten
The internal transition from the KiTa to the KiGa & Hort will be a central event in August. External children are of course always welcome. Our teachers have planned the flexible change from the day nursery to the kindergarten & after-school care center a few months in advance. The accommodation will be gradually and according to the needs of each child.

* * *

The prospective kindergarten children thus had the opportunity to get to know the new surroundings in in Samstagern with the teachers they knew. We took a boat trip on Lake Zurich and thought it was really great!

* * *

New nursery children

Welcome! 😊
In the summer we were able to welcome many new toddlers to the day care centre. Getting used to new children is exciting, but also very demanding. The teachers are happy, and they give everything to ensure that the new children feel completely safety and well. In the summer, the daycare groups dealt with the following topics: colors and water.

* * *

Zoo excursion
en the weather was fine, our children started with educators in the zoo to discover the colorful fauna. They were greeted at the entrance by the flamingos, then by monkeys and other animals. When we saw a hyena waiting by the window, it was a breath-taking amazing – hyena was so close!

* * *

In the spring

The big and small children did handicrafts on the topic of Easter and enjoyed a fine Easter lunch in the day nursery. After the lunch break we all went on an exciting search for the Easter nest. The Easter bunny has hidden well, but we find him. The Easter nest was filled with very fine delicacies that could be enjoyed for dessert./td>

* * *

In the spring

We went to the school gym with the kindergarten teacher and we could really let off steam there to our hearts’ content.

* * *

Fire and fire brigade
The KiTa children learned many exciting things about building in October. The KiGa & Hortgruppe designed their everyday life on the subject of construction sites and fire brigades. Visiting the fire brigade was a great pleasure. On this afternoon, the children can get to know the equipment of real firefighters. In addition, a game was played, something small was tinkered with and at the end there was a snack for everyone.

* * *

Mardi Gras
Fasching/ Mardi Gras is also part of spring. Many of our children really enjoy dressing up and applying make-up. The topic of Carnival was very popular again in February. The children came disguised to the Kindergarten and Kita.
The highlight of the colorful and funny carnival time was our little carnival party, where we really let it rip with a lot of fun for young and old.

* * *

Hygiene measures Covid-19
We teach the children how to wash their hands now. We do this more than usual. Also keep cleaning all floors, disinfect toys, door and window handles. Another measure is working in smaller groups. Even if the children get close, of course, this leaves more space. Otherwise, the BAG regulations also apply to us!

* * *

December 2019

Winter and snow

Ice skating at the Wädenswil ice rink
During the colder months of the year in December, we visited the Wädenswil ice rink. A playful way to take your first steps on the ice and learn to skate. The kids loves it.

* * *

November 2019

Traffic education

Walk on the sidewalk
We first discuss the correct behavior in traffic in familiar surroundings. We explain to the children the difference between the pedestrian area and the road. We use the waiting time at traffic lights to explain the meaning of the colors to the children.

* * *

October 2019

Halloween is coming up soon

Trick or treat?
In the circle time we collected ideas on how the children would like to decorate the group room and how they would like to dress up. We made bats out of socks, carved pumpkin faces, painted spiders and masks, then disguised ourselves as ghosts, witches, black cats and bats, magicians, creepy pumpkins, partied and laughed a lot.

* * *

September 2019

Nutritional education

Cooking vegetables with children
When children help to wash, peel, and cut the vegetables and cook them, they have helped to cook. Of course, they are curious and can hardly wait to see what the casserole looks like and how it tastes afterwards. In this way, children also learn to eat the vegetables that they previously liked less.

* * *

August 2019

Kindergarten with after-school care opening!

In Saturdays
In August we have our kindergarten with after-school care. Our loving and talented kindergarten teachers will look after 19 children. The large and bright rooms offer a lot of space for children to play and learn. Next door is a wonderful playground with a large garden and gym.

* * *

July 2019

Music lesson

Dancing with a dance teacher
Children dance in disguise with dance teacher during music lesson. Through dance and movement, children develop a positive attitude towards their own body, they can develop their body awareness and have a lot of fun doing it.

* * *

June 2019

Explore the 4 elements

Fire, water, earth, air
We collected basic materials such as stones, mud and water for this lesson. The children learn to feel and explore nature directly through experimentation. They learn how strongly these 4 elements affect our lives and the environment.

* * *

May 2019

Children’s yoga

Full of imagination and joy
The yoga teacher shows the children their favourite exercises: roar like a lion, wiggle the back like a dog, crawl like a snake or hump like a cat. This is good for body and soul.

* * *

April 2019

Spring finally

Painting outside
When the weather is getting warm enough, we like to paint outside with bright colours and spring motifs: flowers, sun, water and decorate with balloons. It is a nice spring surprise for the parents. After painting, we used the hose outside in the garden to wash our hands and faces.

* * *

March 2019

Kindergarten children in the indoor pool

This time snorkeling
Water is an incredibly fascinating element. It is especially important to have professional support and not to put children in danger, while splashing around and learning to swim. We want them gradually to get used to water.

* * *

February 2019

KiGa announcement new opening

Fasching party
We celebrated Fasching again this year, but a little different. We announced the opening of the new kindergarten with after-school care and invited many guests. There was a make-up corner for children and of course there was fine food for everyone.

* * *

January 2019

Theatrical performance

A magical journey into the magical world
A wondrous flute sound led us into a beautiful magical forest. Maybe elves, fairies and even unicorns live there and want to sing together with us? How easily and quickly can the children lead us educators into their magical world…

* * *

December 2018

Santa Claus

Will he put the presents in the kids’ boots?
It was even better. Santa Claus came with a large sack on his shoulder, accompanied by Schmutzli in the Kita Zauberflöte. Each child told Santa Claus the name and the age. Finally, all children got their long-awaited gifts.

* * *

November 2018

Football project with professionals

Football combines sport with fun
Im Herbst it was all about football. Outside on the lawn or in the gym, we tried out with two professional coaches different playing techniques. Visiting the FiFA Museum with the group was an interactive way to deepen the theme of football.

* * *

October 2018

A sunny autumn day

Discovering forest with children
We watch the glowing leaves in different colors as they fall to the ground. The educator tells children that many animals, especially insects, have the foliage protection against the cold. Reindeer and wild boars eat many fruits, acorns and move much less to save energy. The squirrels and bird collect many acorns and nuts.

* * *

September 2018


Tri, tra, trallala – Kasperli is back!
Also in this year Kasperlitheater was not missing for our children. Kasperli told us an interesting and funny story. He succeeds again in involving the children in his adventure and inspire them.

* * *

August 2018

Paddling pool- fun in the garden

A welcome refreshment for the children
The absolute hits on these hot summer days were: the children’s pool, the water slide and the paddling pool. The children were very inventive in the matter of refreshment. The garden hose and the water maze were very popular. The variety of water features never stopped and so the hot summer days were remembered as pleasant and joyful days.

* * *

July 2018

Singing and dancing performance

Early childhood music education
The Magic Stars group prepared an entertaining show that they performed in front of their parents and siblings. The preparation included not only practicing the dance steps, but also designing their own original costumes and decorations. Singing and dancing finally complete the performance of the little artists convincingly, which was then rewarded with a big applause at the end.

* * *

June 2018

Children discover the letters

Montessori material – learning with all your senses
Through clearly visible features of certain letter lines, such as curves (B, O, P, R) and inclinations (Z, A, X), the children learn to distinguish between letters. By following these lines with their fingers, the children develop a better intuition for the letters. At the same time, the pronunciation finally enables the children to assign the sounds to the letters. Since everything takes place in the form of games, learning the letters is also fun and is also very effective due to the stimulation of three perception channels (visual, auditory and kinesthetic).

* * *

April 2018

Pirate ship adventure in the Magic Flute day care center

Ahoooiii! All children on board!
In April children were very imaginative. The mixed-age group (Magic Stars) had a great idea, namely to make a pirate ship out of cardboard. Everyone enjoyed doing handicrafts and playing and wanted to “go to sea” straight away to experience the many adventures that awaited the children.

* * *

March 2018

Powder snow for young and old

What melts faster, ice or snow?
March brought us a lot of snow, which made us very happy. Shoveling the snow was so much fun! We looked up into the sky and watched the beautiful snowflakes slowly falling on the frozen garden floor, and some were falling on our faces. The water has suddenly turned to ice and exhaling created small clouds.

* * *

February 2018

Carneval party with magic show

Funny and magical atmosphere
Children love the carnival time in the childcare. We made masks, sang carnival songs, played great carnival games, and baked funny cake. The highlight was the carnival part with an aperitif and a magic show. The children were involved in the show and how surprising that they could even learn a few magic tricks.

* * *

January 2018

The best conditions for our little ones

Our baby group is constantly growing
The little ones have meanwhile grown into a well-rehearsed and harmonious group. The babies look forward to seeing each other again every day. Children play, dance, do handicrafts, do gymnastics and sing. At least once a day our children can romp around and move around freely, in our large garden, by the lake, in the forest or elsewhere outside, depending on your weekly schedule. In particular, the basic needs of small children for closeness, food and sleep are met by our teachers sensitively and individually.

* * *

December 2017

Best conditions for our little ones

Our baby group is growing constantly
The little ones have grown into a well-rehearsed and harmonious group. The babies are happy to see each other again every day. We play, dance, do handicrafts, gymnastics and sing. At least once a day they can of course romp and move freely in our large garden, at the lake, forest or elsewhere outside depending on the weekly schedule. Especially the basic needs of toddlers for closeness, food, and sleep are fulfilled sensitively and individually by our educators.

Visit from Santa Claus

Singing in German and English
Like every year, Santa Claus thought of our dear children and visited us. He found many new faces in the Day care and was surprised how fast the older children have grown since last year. He read a nice short-story from his big book and rewarded the children for the beautiful singing in two languages (German and English) with a sack full of tangerines and sweets.

A fairytale story – The Fairytale tram

In the Kita Zauberflöte that became reality
The book “Star dust in the Fairytale tram” is a beautiful Santa Claus story, which was highly appreciated in our morning circle by our attentive children. Filled with curiosity, we wanted to experience the fairytale tram’s journey ourselves. And behold! The Fairytale tram really was traveling in Zurich. From the , Santa Claus and its angels personally led and supported by our educators, we all went on the fantastic journey. The magical atmosphere was written in the faces of our little passengers and the Christmassy city center made the route to a real fairytale. We are the first Child Care that made this Fairytale tram trip 😊

* * *

November 2017

Farm visit: Henhouse

… and homemade apple juice
For the children, the farm visits are always very educational activities, which are constantly accompanied by self-awareness and lots of fun. It was exciting to see hens running around in the henhouse, pecking the grains skillfully with their beaks and scraping the ground with their toes. The children were also able to taste and enjoy the delicious home-made apple juice and the dried apple rings.

Farm visit: Henhouse

Singing in German and English
Also this year the Samichlaus thought of our dear children. He found many new faces in the Day care and was surprised how fast the older children have grown since last year. He read a nice story from his big book and rewarded the children with a sack full of mandarin and sweets, especially for singing in two languages: German and English.

* * *

October 2017

Day trip to Jucker Farm

Many pumpkins and funny goats
We have seen so many pumpkins there: colors, shapes, sizes were distinguished well and easily by the children. We could take some pumpkins to the daycare. From this we have made beautiful Halloween decorations and then made a fine, warming pumpkin soup from the leftovers. In addition to the pumpkins, we were also able to see many different animals there. For instance, funny goats greeted us joyfully with a meeeeehhh!

Birthday party in the forest

Free movement and skill games
After the exciting forest expedition with lots of physical movement and great joy of discovery, we celebrated birthday of a child. Of course, the candles and the tasty little cakes were not missing.

* * *

September 2017

Great fun in the gym

Chop chop, horse runs gallop…
In order to create the best possible conditions for the children, we regularly go to the gym every Wednesday. They have the opportunity to bounce, run, play ball, do as they like and have a lot of fun.

Music with Marcel

Singing and making music together is very important to us
Our music teacher Marcel studies at the University of Zurich and comes every Monday and Thursday (soon also Wednesday) in the day care center, to sing and to play together with the children. Kita Zauberflöte has the music as an important part of the educational work.

* * *

August 2017

Civilian service volunteers

Kasperli- Theatrical performance
Two civilian service volunteers have provided civilian service in our child care. They have given children great pleasure in singing, playing football, but also with their puppet theatre performance. Our little stars sat curious in the audience at the beginning, but they quickly became an active part of the theatre.

* * *

July 2017

Art- project

Painting like the great masters
Cartney our English and Art Teacher explains to the children step by step how to paint easily a beautiful painting of a famous artist. The templates for the children’s artworks were, for example, the shearing cut collages of Henri Matisse or colorful, abstract pictures and landscapes of Gerhard Richter.
A fantastic project for the group work!

* * *

June 2017

Kita Zauberflöte- Open Doors

Dear Parents with preschool children
We cordially invite you to our Open Doors Day, Saturday 24.June 15:00 – 18:00
We are looking forward to welcoming you!
Your Kita Zauberflöte Team

* * *

May 2017

Excursion to the Park im Grüene

Transformation of caterpillar to butterfly
In May there was much to discover for the children – nearby, but also a bit further away, as in the Park im Grüene. On a leaf of a tree we have discovered a a huge white cocoon! This inspired us to discuss the transformation of caterpillar to butterfly. The book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar ” also helped us. Then we sang the song “Butterfly you little thing ” and danced.

* * *

April 2017

Spring is the best time

Who can find firs the first flowers?
We have tracked the spring with the children. What is the name of these early breeders? Crocus? Tulips? Snowdrop? And what about the animals? Squirrels and bunnys… Speaking of bunnys, where does the Easter bunny hide? A lot of fun was also guaranteed while dyeing eggs and adorning the daycare with self-made Easter decoration.

* * *

March 2017

Happy Shrovetide celebration in the Kita Magic Flute

Saturday the 04.March. 2017
With colorful make-up, funny dressed and a delicious Apero we started the carnival celebration. After the apero we met in the excercise room. A clown gave us some exciting entertainment, which was followed by a confetti party. For the children there were no boundries for their imagination: Funny games, cheerful songs, children’s make-up and many nice experiences accompanied us.

* * *

February 2017

Enthusiastic children at the farm

This time we visited the calves
The children had a lot of fun during the farm visit. It was sweet to see how the little calves moved, how they ate, and how they happily trew from time to time a firm little “moo” at us. We all became quickly fond of these calves and love to visit them soon again.

* * *

January 2017

It has snowed… hooray!

How beautiful are the snowflakes!
The fascinating thing about the snow is that the children can enjoy many winter experiences outdoors. In our garden we built a snowman and sled.
It was funny to discover the animal trails in the snow and compare these with their own footprints. The winter theme also accompanies us in the warm group rooms with beautiful circular games and winter songs. The handmade snowflakes with children make our kita-windows very much embellish.

* * *

October 16

Kids Halloween Party Invitation
All children are welcome!

When: Saturday, 29.10.2016
from 14:00 to 18:00
Highlight: children’s animation
Where: Kita Zauberflöte
Zugerstrasse 5

* * *

September 16

Children’s Yoga

Relaxed, fit and healthy
For Children from 2 years. Like no other type of movement, yoga improves body sensitivity, strengthens the concentration and the emotional well-being of children. The playful learning with a lot of fun and imagination is while Yoga training in the foreground.

* * *

August 2016

Langenberg’s Wildlife Park

A great day trip – linked with a lot of joy
The children were thrilled when they learned how interesting local wildlife is. They were glad to learn how the animals move, look, eat.

* * *

July 2016

Cooking in forest -Joy and new experiences in the open environment
We spend together once a week half a day in the woods. Lunch usually is cooked on the fire. The food and drinks in the forest taste twice as good.In addition, the children make in nature many valuable discoveries and experiences. Learn, recognize and describe native animals and plants.

* * *

June 2016


Children’s Party
Dear Parents with preschool children
We cordially invite you to our children’s party!
Saturday 18.June 15:00 – 18:00
The highlight of our party:

* * *

May 2016


A day in the Children’s Zoo
As part of our project theme “Animals”, we visited the children’s zoo in Rapperswil on Wednesday, 25.05. 2016. At the zoo, there were birds, elephants, monkeys, giraffes and other animals to admire. After our wonderful picnic, we walked back to Kita safely and in a good mood.


Mother: Mom is the Best!
The Mother’s Day was supposed to be a special day for the moms, so we tinker with the children small gifts for them.
Happy Mother’s Day, dear Mama!


Bilingual: German / English
We are pleased to inform you that from May 2016 we are starting as a bilingual childcare!

We offer subsidized places
Discount on our care tariffs

* * *

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