March 2018

Powder snow for young and old

What melts faster, ice or snow?
March brought us a lot of snow, which made us very happy. Shoveling the snow was so much fun! We looked up into the sky and watched the beautiful snowflakes slowly falling on the frozen garden floor, and some were falling on our faces. The water has suddenly turned to ice and exhaling created small clouds.

* * *


February 2018

Carneval party with magic show

Funny and magical atmosphere
Children love the carnival time in the childcare. We made masks, sang carnival songs, played great carnival games, and baked funny cake. The highlight was the carnival part with an aperitif and a magic show. The children were involved in the show and how surprising that they could even learn a few magic tricks.

* * *


January 2018

Best conditions for our little ones

Our baby group is growing constantly
The little ones have grown into a well-rehearsed and harmonious group. The babies are happy to see each other again every day. We play, dance, do handicrafts, gymnastics and sing. At least once a day they can of course romp and move freely in our large garden, at the lake, forest or elsewhere outside depending on the weekly schedule. Especially the basic needs of toddlers for closeness, food, and sleep are fulfilled sensitively and individually by our educators.

* * *

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