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About Kita Zauberflöte

You want for your child a loving childhood education and care

The Kita Zauberflöte is an educational, family supplementary day care offer. At the heart of our mandate are both the educational work with the individual child, and the child as a group member. We put in practice the idea that the social behavior of the child, can be learned within as well as outside the family.

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Group Education

Educational principles of nursery group (3 months to 2 years)

It is very important for us, that needs of infants for closeness and security are satisfied. That’s why we decided the Emmi Pikler approach for the baby group, which is similar to Montessori method.

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Educational principles of toddler group (2 years to about 4 years)

Children can move, or romp around, or retreat alone into a a reading and rest area. The children are cared according to the educational principles of Maria Montessori. We consider and respect the child as an independent personality.

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